As consultants, our engagements focus on innovation, creative thinking, marketing, and organizational development. We typically offer the following types of services:

Workshops and keynote speaking:

Our workshops and speaking engagements empower participants to be more productive creative thinkers. They give audiences the tools and skills of creative thinkers. Activities and experiences take participants on a journey of discovery and transform how they approach problem solving.

We can design a program around your particular needs or lead a program on one of the following topics:

ideasIdeas on Demand: tools to uncover new ideas effectively and efficiently.

ideasThe gift of feedback: feedback that improves ideas and people

ideasHow to stop being an innovation killer

ideasBrainstorm your way to new ideas: learn and practice effective brainstorming tools

ideasWhat to do with a big and scary idea.

ideasMyth busting: the beginning of new ideas

ideasIntroduction to design thinking

ideasPresentations that command attention

Engagements can range from 1 hour to several days, depending on your objectives and needs.


As long-time facilitators, we focus on fostering collaborative groups who can collectively and effectively harness their minds and hearts to solve tough problems. Most facilitation projects fall into one of four categories;

  • Strategic planning
  • Team-building and productivity
  • Finding new solutions to persistent challenges in any number of areas: marketing, R&D, operations, human resources, leadersh
  • New product/service development/pipeline building
  • Ideation


Put simply, creative thinking is the people side of innovation. It requires people to be generative as well as analytic thinkers. The problem is, most of us privilege our analytic skills over our generative skills – and that causes problems when you need new and useful ideas.

We train individuals, internal teams, client/agency teams and other groups in the mind-set, skill-set and tool-set of creative thinking. Our training sessions are designed to be collaborative, inspiring and transformative. The work is based on a variety of methodologies including:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Design Thinking
  • Empathy building


Training provides new skills; coaching ensures you use these skills consistently and effectively. That’s because old habits die hard and even the best-of-the-best performers need coaches to help them apply new learning. Don’t believe that? Ask the New England Patriots. (Ok, couldn’t resist. We are Boston-based!)



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