Susan Robertson

Susan teaches, trains and leads people in creativity and innovation. She loves helping people see possibilities instead of roadblocks and has a history creating new products and businesses for companies like Gatorade, Hasbro Toys, Sunbeam Appliances and others. She is a true adventurer and has worked and taught all over the world – including Europe, Asia, Africa and South America..

(seen here looking extra glamorous)

Tony Gallo

Tony is a long-time consultant specializing in marketing, strategy and planning. He works closely with senior leaders helping them understand how best to use marketing to grow their businesses. As a managing partner at HawkPartners and a former founding partner at Sherbrooke, he brings a deep cross-industry perspective to his work. He teaches marketing at Harvard and, in his spare time, attends obscure music concerts in different parts of the country.

(seen here with trusty pooch)

Rosemary Driscoll

Rosemary is a focus group moderator with over twenty years experience. She is a versatile, responsive and effective moderator who has conducted qualitative research with subjects ranging from consumers of all ages to fire fighters, brokers, doctors, CFO’s, CEO’s, and business owners. Prior to beginning her own business, Rosemary spent a decade running the research group at a mid-size Boston advertising agency. She is an active volunteer, the co-chair of the New England Chapter of QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association and president of the Natick Education Foundation (Natick, MA).

(seen here with her husband)


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