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    Want to instill breakthrough thinking skills in your team?

The Story:

Drumcircle is founded on one belief: the world is full of possibility and the role of a leader is to help people make the possible real. And that requires deliberate creative thinking

Creative thinking is the people side of innovation. Because, after all, it’s people, using the tools and techniques of creative thinking, who create the climate, the ideas and the development necessary for solving persistent problems and driving innovation and growth.

Creative thinking is our expertise. We empower individuals, teams and organizations to be creative thinkers through teaching and training, facilitating, coaching, speaking, inspiring and leading.

Drumcircle in Video

Anne Manning

Watch a short video on Convergent vs Divergent thinking.

Anne Manning

Watch a short video with Anne Manning: why we all need strategic thinking.

The Curse of Knowledge

Watch a short video about the surprising danger of knowledge.


Our work has helped countless individuals and organizations be more successful professionally and personally. Here’s what people say about our work:

You took us on this journey of change and uncertainty and brought us all out victorious. I feel renewed and accomplished.”

I learned to stop talking and start building! Put my thoughts into words, my words into pictures and my pictures into prototypes. When people see an idea…they are more likely to take it seriously and become involved in its development and bullet-proofing.”

At first I was put off by some of the childish activities. Looking back, they proved more powerful than anything I have experienced. Silly name games broke down cultural boundaries and formed strong relationships that turned into efficient teams.”

We teach creative thinking at Harvard University, where graduate students and professionals come from all over the world to learn about creative thinking. Here’s a most gratifying story from one of the first classes.

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