Workshops & Training

Solve problems more efficiently and creatively.
Divergent thinking skills (even more than intelligence) produce new ideas. Convergent thinking makes ideas workable. Separating these thinking skills is harder than you think.

If you are an organization with innovation in your mission or strategy, training your teams in creative thinking skills increases your likelihood to succeed. Why? It gives people the mind-set, skill-set and tool-set they need to solve challenges. And a climate receptive to creativity.


Our workshops and training build on three assumptions:

  • Successful innovation in any domain requires creative thinking.
  • You – and your colleagues – are inherently creative (yes you are – even if you don’t think so).
  • Improving your creative competency will improve your success when you are seeking innovative solutions.


Unleash the power of creative thinking.

Coaching and training in deliberate creative problem solving – on an individual, team or organizational level – helps you learn the mind-set, skill-set and tool set associated with creative problem solving so you can:

  • Build a culture that is open to – and able to produce – new ideas. Efficiently.
  • Build lean/mean innovation teams that know how to tackle challenges efficiently.
  • Run meetings where ideas flow – because you need lots of ideas to create a few great ideas.
  • Take a rough idea with potential and turn it into a great idea with potential – without losing its essence.
  • Develop and test unique concepts.


How to profit through creativity workshops.

“I used one of the exercises we learned at a Leadership Summit. It worked so well! It stimulated a lot of conversation about how to change and improve our approach to both innovation and teamwork.”
~ Manager working for a global innovation/technology leader

  • “Practical and personal applications"
  • “Solid stuff to take home and go make a difference”
  • “Loved the practicality of all this – useful tools that I can use everyday at work.”
  • “Fun and practical”
  • “High energy and knowledgeable leader – I learned so much more than I expected”.
  • “Useful workshop, brilliantly presented”