What happens when you show consumers how to unleash their creativity.

Our client, a home improvement manufacturer, was trying to build an innovation pipeline. On their own, they held a brainstorm session and identified about 35 ideas. The ideas were sitting in a file.

When they hired us, we recruited and trained 12 consumers in creativity thinking. We gave them homework, including building prototypes of their ideas.

Then we trained their entire team in creative thinking methods.

Our trained consumers then went to work with the brand team. Because everyone involved understood and shared the principles of creative thinking, they articulated over 1800 ideas in the course of one day.

Through a process of on-line voting and in person discussion, we narrowed the 1800 ideas to 20 concept nuggets. Then we fleshed out and illustrated the concepts. Three of those concepts came from the consumer prototypes. After showing the concepts in focus groups, we identified 10 concepts, which will form the back-bone of the innovation pipeline.

All this took place in one week.

Once again, the power of creative thinking fed the success of an important initiative. And the team walked away feeling personally empowered as well as more effective and efficient as a team.

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